MTB School 2022 - Скоростно изкачване на хижа Божур

2022-10-15 10:00:00 - 16:00 @ хижа Божур, Г.Оряховица

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#МТБ Скоростно изкачване хижа Божур (6)  
BIB Име Категория Статус
- Калин Пенчев Юноши 10-12 Клас
- Цветомир Бенков Момчета 5-7 Клас
- Атанас Атанасов Момчета 5-7 Клас
- Данчо Валентинов Юноши 10-12 Клас
- Стоян Стефанов Момчета 5-7 Клас
- Станислав Бакърджиев Момчета 5-7 Клас

Brown team


Brown Team Sports Club is a member of the Bulgarian Orienteering Federation and since its establishtment it has always been in top 3 of the club classification, performing equally well in foot orienteering, MTB-orienteering and Ski-orienteering. That's why all the income from our events goes directly for the development of our team and for new training maps for sports orienteering. We are one big family not only in the organisation, but also when attending orienteering competitions almost every weekend. Because of our experience, acquired from one of the most competitive sport environments in Bulgaria - this of orienteering - which has given our country European and World Champions, you can be sure that all race and organisation aspects of all our races will be at the highest level possible.


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