Balkaniada 2024

2024-08-04 07:00:00 - 07:00 @ The Start/Final area of the race will be in the city park, across the Evlogy and Hristo Georgievy factory


Balkaniada 44K
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Balkaniada 25K
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Event Details

Balkaniada announces it's fourth edition in 2024!

The fourth edition of Balkaniada will be held on August 4th, 2024. Participants will have chance to race on three different courses. The main track which is 44 kilometres route will challenge all extreme runners, who want to reach the most fascinating and challenging part of the Central Balkans - the alpine traverse Dobrila hut - Botev refuge! The 25K route will offer pure mountain terrain, and the 10K route is for all those who want to enjoy the beaulty of Stara Planina, but do not feel prepared enough to explore the other two routes.

We are waiting for you on August 4th, 2024 in Karlovo city! Experience the Balkan differently. 

Take a look at our races and don't miss the Balkaniada 2024 experience! More information and registration here.

Кирил Николов / Димитър Желязков

+359 899 683 343


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