Tarnovo Ultra 2024

2024-04-13 10:00:00 - 10:00 @ Паметник Асеневци, паркинг на Художествена Галерия "Борис Денев"


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Tarnovo Ultra 2024

Ninth edition of the Ultramarathon of Veliko Tarnovo!

In 2024, we'll be again where it all started in 2016!

The finish arena will be located at the Asenevtsi monument, overlooking the whole historic part of the city. Starting in the city centre of the old capital of Bulgaria - this is the only MTB and Trail running race, that finishes in the city centre of a regional capital in Bulgaria. The routes include incredibly beautiful tracks and amazing views, on the way passing through two medieval fortresses!

In 2024 we are improving our portfolio of distances. On 13th april you can choose between two MTB-distances - 33 and 60km. On 14th april there are 4 Trail-distances on the table - 14, 25, 32 and 51km. And if you prefer racing two days - now you can choose from two Duathlons - Short (33km MTB+25km Trail) and Long (60km MTB+32km Trail)! Enjoy our variable terrain, hard and challenging profile, perfectly marked route and breathtaking views!

Welcome to Tarnovo Ultra 2024!

Outrun a thousand people!

Outride 500 bikers!

Run on the edge!

Ride on the best downhills in the region!

Jump over one the best views in Bulgaria!

Brown team

+359888375247 registration@tarnovo-ultra.com

Brown Team Sports Club is a member of the Bulgarian Orienteering Federation and since its establishtment it has always been in top 3 of the club classification, performing equally well in foot orienteering, MTB-orienteering and Ski-orienteering. That's why all the income from our events goes directly for the development of our team and for new training maps for sports orienteering. We are one big family not only in the organisation, but also when attending orienteering competitions almost every weekend. Because of our experience, acquired from one of the most competitive sport environments in Bulgaria - this of orienteering - which has given our country European and World Champions, you can be sure that all race and organisation aspects of all our races will be at the highest level possible.


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